A good plan is the foundation for an exceptional design. Successful planning takes creativity, intuition and experience. Tom Hoch believes that these components form the road map to a successful design.

Each plan begins with the establishment of a clear understanding of the brand promise that can be consistently delivered to members, patrons, and customers. This brand promise constructs a route from defining the distinctive needs of each client to implementing a plan that can lead concept and vision into reality.

Whether reorganizing existing spaces into more efficient and enjoyable places, or bringing new life to a structure via increased amenities offerings, Tom Hoch works to develop strong, intuitive plans. Refusing to exist only in the future, however, these plans serve a double purpose. While establishing a method of operational success now, they are also able to form a foundation that can easily translate into a Master Plan, charting a course for the present as well as the future.

Knowing that the plan phase is the gateway to the future, Tom Hoch is as passionate about the plan as the design. After all, it’s about taking the imagined—and giving it impact.