Combining art, science, and experience with constant attention to form and function, design is an inherently creative process that requires equal parts of knowledge and dedication.

Tom Hoch never loses sight of that fact, consistently delivering design solutions that support the brand promise, underscore the functional requirements of user satisfaction, and support the operational efficiency that a successful space requires. These designs support a rediscovery of character and invoke style that is clean, engaging, and full of connective emotion.

Capable of balancing all of these constraints into spaces that are visually dramatic and fully functional, Tom Hoch brings design visions to life with a notably precise approach to the industry. Invoking ageless style, yet possessing all of the requirements of the age, these designs transcend “trendy”-and provide “timeless” in its place.

With over 250 years of combined experience, Tom Hoch has a key to the industry that allows for a balance between art and science that has proven successful time and time again. Using this balance, Tom Hoch incorporates decades of experience with attention to the emotional and operational needs of the company’s clients, providing designs that offer a custom-tailored approach from a team that knows what works.