Tom Hoch designs become reality during the build stage of each project. All custom creations are the direct result of a close partnership between Tom Hoch artisans and designers, who spend each day working in close concert with each other to ensure that all fabrication is held to the highest standards of ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Here, in a facility free of conveyor belts but full of sawdust, dedicated craftsmen piece together heirloom-quality furniture, fixtures and cabinetry from the finest raw materials. Here, honest hands shape products that can be found in clubhouses, golf shops, museums, and fine homes across the world.

With a wide variety of materials and finishes to chose from, the build process showcases the wealth of resources from which Tom Hoch draws inspiration. Our 30,000 square foot on-site production facility supports the timely and efficient assembly of those elements, and also serves as a staging area for all project components prior to installation.

When preparations are complete, custom installation teams travel to the work site, installing furniture and fixtures by hand.

Able to offer an unparalleled research-based insight, the Tom Hoch build process proves that it’s not about pushing boundaries or reinventing the wheel, but supporting each end product with the benefits of superior construction and innovative design.