Master Plan





The Royal St. Kitts Golf Club, Frigate Bay
Saint Kitts and Nevis, Carribbean

Situated 15 minutes from St. Kitts Marriott Resort on the Island of St. Kitts and Nevis, lays the eloquent Royal St. Kitts Golf Club. Originally opened in 1973, the golf course underwent renovations by Canadian-born Thomas McBroom and was finally completed in 2004. Featuring 125 acres of carefully irrigated turf spread across the island, it offers golfers tee-views overlooking both the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The clubhouse, which opened its doors in 2003, recently announced plans to host the 2010 St. Kitts Open.

A long-time client of Tom Hoch, Marriott Hotels contracted the firm in 2002, aiming to create a supplementing clubhouse with a revenue-positive retail area offering premier service, apparel, and merchandise to guests. Tom Hoch addressed the request project with the quality craftsmanship and revenue-based design principles the firm prides itself in, resulting in a superb revenue-generating addition to the clubhouse and Marriott brand.

Completed in 2003, this golf shop is a testament to the rich and exotic island culture it calls home. Attached to the St. Kitts Royal Golf Club, the retail space features rich materials and finishes contrasted with bamboo and other light wood accents. Large windows filter in the warm island sunlight, and the shop continues the delicate, airy feel with glass partitions separating it from the rest of the clubhouse. Within the Tom Hoch design, high quality custom fixtures aid in the presentation of superior golf apparel and merchandise, while a carefully premeditated floor plan efficiently manages traffic flow.