Master Plan





The Chickasaw Cultural Center
Sulphur, Oklahoma

Located minutes north of the Chickasaw National Recreation Center, Sulphur was once called “the land of rippling waters,” by ancient Native Americans. The area boasts such wonders as Turner Falls — a sparkling waterfall cascading over a 77-foot drop — and Arbuckle Wilderness — an exotic animal theme park named Oklahoma’s Outstanding Tourist Attraction for 2005.

The March 2010 opening of the Chickasaw Nation Cultural Center gives the city another source of pride. Spread out over 96,000 square feet and divided between four buildings, the Center is the result of ten years of careful research, construction and design efforts by eight of the 16 divisions of the Chickasaw Nation. Adding to the equation, Tom Hoch implemented its revenue-based design theories and fabrication finesse to create numerous custom fixtures and displays for the Aachompa’ Gallery Gift Shop, Souvenir Shop as well as Aaimpa’ Café.

In the Aachompa’ Gallery Gift Shop, fixtures were customized to more effectively display a number of handcrafted Native American creations, like jewelry, headdresses, clay art, rugs and other items. Retail fixtures included a circular control counter wrapped in woven leather, free-standing modular displays with natural walnut striping and a walnut, hand-carved depiction of the Chickasaw Nation Cultural Center’s logo. Many fixtures are accented with leather drawer pulls and copper studs.

In the Souvenir Shop — which houses educational souvenirs for children — Tom Hoch carefully assessed the existing interior design to create new furnishings and fixtures that added to the existing ambiance. Custom pieces include warm walnut bookshelves and an activity bench.

In the Aaimpa Café, walnut benches were coupled with granite counter tops and a stunning copper work surface that created a vibrant and active social area. Hand-carved custom signage, depicting the Chickasaw Cultural Center’s logo, was added as a final touch to the Welcome Center.

The unique materials unitized for each fixture and furnishing were chosen specifically to subtly suggest a natural, organic environment, while permitting their natural beauty to shine without distracting from the items displayed within.

The completion of the Chickasaw Cultural Center marks the foundation for a successful future relationship. Tom Hoch is honored to associate and work with the “Unconquered and Unconquerable” Chickasaw Nation.