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With a number of retail design projects complete and underway, Tom Hoch knows that retail success depends on a delicate balance between display and design. Customers enjoy retail establishments that offer an ease of navigation coupled with the latest and greatest in merchandise. Floor plans that offer clarity and ease of navigation, coupled with engaging and functional designs and superior merchandise offerings emotionally connect with the customer and draw them in.

To create a successful retail design, Tom Hoch designers look at the retail industry from a design standpoint. They know that it’s important for properties to understand their true market position. Because of that, retail designs include a branding survey that helps to identify the existing environment, while paving the way for the design process to move forward in tandem with the client’s goals.

The final design is a product of careful consideration of each and every space in order to develop the best arrangement with the least number of people needed to serve customers-all without losing that face-to-face interaction that customers require.

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The Royal St. Kitts Golf Club, Frigate Bay — Saint Kitts and Nevis, Carribbean

Payne Stewart Golf Club — Branson, Missouri