Master Plan





Quail Creek Golf and Country Club
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Square Footage: 47,000

Situated in the gently rolling hills of northwest Oklahoma City, Quail Creek Golf and Country Club caters to membership from throughout the state. With amenities abounding, the club offers member-only access to upscale dining areas, fitness centers, 9- and 18-hole golf, among others. Completed in 1962, the exterior echoes a prairie-style design, with low-lying rooflines echoing the archetypal Oklahoman plains.

In 2007, Quail Creek Country Club engaged Tom Hoch to complete a long-term, phased renovation. The first phase included design and installation in the dining areas, lounges and men's and women's restrooms. A custom ellipsoid-shaped buffet was installed in the dining, increasing traffic flow in the space. The original buffet was moved to an existing bar-space, which allowed for the installation of large party-booth seating in the main dining area. Faced on one side by a row of chafing dishes, it is echoed on the other by an energetic and engaging finishing kitchen. The relaxing, open and comfortable environment is highlighted by tall windows, allowing for natural lighting. Additional square footage was added by including patio seating and outdoor dining.

Unique materials, finishes, and fabrics were chosen by the Tom Hoch team to highlight the dining areas. The result is an intimate, upscale dining experience that could easily transition from casual lunch parties to fine dinners.

A lounge and bar was created by enclosing the existing tennis court. A large picture window was installed behind a sunken bar, connecting the space with the scenic golf course views available. A projections screen was added later to accommodate business gatherings and sports enthusiasts alike.