Master Plan





The Club at Cordillera Timberhearth Clubhouse
Edwards, Colorado

Advantageously placed amid the breathtaking beauty of Colorado's mountain landscape, The Timber Hearth at Cordillera is a world away from normal life, with a ski-orientated atmosphere. Generously designed, the floor plan is complete with a number of amenities including world-class golfing and fitness facilities, elegant dining, and clubs, organizations and activities to support a diverse membership with expansive needs. First engaged to provide custom furniture designs, Tom Hoch and The Timber Hearth at Cordillera continued their agreement with a provision for master planning services. Offering 25-plus years of experience in developing and executing unique and memorable designs, Tom Hoch plans to reorganize interior spaces, rearrange existing furniture arrangements, and offer full support to the membership and staff of The Timber Hearth at Cordillera as the clubhouse undergoes an exciting transformation. Upon completion, the floor plan will make travel from area to area a fluid affair, with primary amenities situated in more revenue-positive positions.

Artwork, materials and finishes were specifically chosen to accent the club's current lodge-like atmosphere. New spaces will include a private dining and wine room and specialty wine lockers, as well as a new adult lounge. Renovations will also target the existing men's and women's locker and lounge areas, including an additional specialized golfers' lounge. Adding a number of custom furnishings and fixtures into the mix will ensure that The Timber Hearth at Cordillera continues to offer a superlative clubhouse experience.