Master Plan





Plaza III The Steakhouse, Lake of the Ozarks, Old Kinderhook
Camdenton, Missouri

Located in the Old Kinderhook Resort and Golf Club at Lake of the Ozarks in Camdenton, Missouri, the restaurant and club boast dramatic views and exciting scenery. Waterfalls, peaks and valleys, colorful foliage and breathtaking seasonal colors all add to the experience visitors to Old Kinderhook will find.

Recognized as a top 10 steakhouse, Plaza III engaged Tom Hoch to provide an atmosphere that could withstand the high expectations of its customers and clients. The original design included Western artwork throughout the restaurant. Tom Hoch worked to carry that theme throughout, while still translating the feel of an upscale dining experience.

Collaborating closely with the owners, Tom Hoch created an interior that aligned the club’s exclusive reputation with an elegant atmosphere. In this establishment, warm colors offset the rustic decor, providing an environment that is inviting and engaging. Lighting closely echos the decor, and large windows permit natural light to flood the room. In the evening, sturdy, antlered chandeliers provide an intimate glow. Pine beams create visual definition in each area, while, black leather benches tacked with brass studs add a twist of modern design.

While Plaza III was challenging, it was also a learning experience. Set during a period of time when design trends were rapidly changing – and not always for the best – Tom Hoch was expected to keep up with the ages, without risking a design that would become outdated. Accomplishing what we set out to do, Tom Hoch utilized the existing decor to create an interior full of unique and attractive furnishings, fixtures and materials. A deft splash of modern helped cement a design that has withstood the test of time – and trend.