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Hospitality design is in our roots. Founded in 1963 by forward-thinking design professionals, Tom Hoch has a history with hospitality that exceeds all else. Forty years later, the relationship continues, with clients such as Marriott Hotels and The Ritz-Carlton continuing to utilize Tom Hoch’s expertise and experience.

Tom Hoch knows that hospitality design is, in reality, a concentrated effort involving architects, engineers and any number of contractors. Hospitality-based establishments serve a crowd that can be as vast as it is varied. Always on top of the current needs of their patrons, they strive to offer an experience like no other.

With a customer composition that changes from day to day, Tom Hoch approaches each project with a well-researched understanding of the character and brand sought by the client before design efforts are implemented. This provides a firm foundation through which each establishment can continually evolve to meet the needs of their customers.

Whether developing a plan for an up-and-coming hotel, spa, restaurant, night club or lounge, or any other hospitality-oriented establishment, Tom Hoch melds the story of each place with a creative eye in order to implement designs that are adaptable, capable of evolution to fit the current trends, while remaining inspirational and, above all, timeless.

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Hospitality Projects List

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Plaza III The Steakhouse, Lake of the Ozarks, Old Kinderhook — Camdenton, Missouri

Ballenisles — West Palm Beach, Florida

Bentwood Tennis Center — San Angelo, Texas