Master Plan





The Club at Cordillera
Cordillera, Colorado

A year-round sanctuary, The Club at Cordillera is a true mountain escape, offering members golf, fishing, horseback riding, lodge, fine dining and many other amenities and programs. Featuring several facilities, such as The Timber Hearth at Cordillera and The Lodge and Spa at Cordillera, members flock to its doors to experience the brilliantly visitor-oriented service and activities at The Club at Cordillera.

Tom Hoch began its relationship with this exquisite club by providing a custom millwork table to be used in The Timber Hearth at Cordillera’s wine room, and this relationship has since expended to include a full master plan.

This table, an exercise in creative craftsmanship, was crafted from air-dried, sawmill-cut walnut, purchased from a small company in Maryland. The table, completed and placed at Timber Hearth, provides a centerpiece in the elegant wine room. Three 12-inch planks, all cut from the same massive tree, form the surface, while the outside edges are natural, “live edges” – meaning nothing was done to enhance the surface.

The natural voids and imperfections of the wood, which are often removed with other furniture, were enlarged and filled with two pounds of superior turquoise, shipped to Tom Hoch from a southwest mine, known for the high quality of its produt. This turquoise, a vibrant sky blue, riven with deep veins of sea green and black, accent the rich color of the walnut and provide a striking color contrast.

Completed within two weeks of the initial order, Tom Hoch designers and craftsmen worked vigorously to ensure that only the best materials were included, employing suppliers from opposite ends of the country as they took this design from idea to reality.

Utilizing recycled materials and a creative eye, Tom Hoch artfully designed and built a beautiful, timeless piece that reflects the club’s rustic theme while telling a story all of its own. It will remain a part of the club for year’s to come.