Master Plan





The Patriot
Owasso, Oklahoma

Set on a picturesque outcrop overlooking downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Patriot blends the surrounding archtectrure seamlessly with the boistrous patriotic culture of the club. The traditional architecture is carefully balanced by the bold and vibrant red, white and blue befitting the club's name.

Tom Hoch worked closely with Nick Cade, principal at NCA and Club ownership to design and build the expansive club spaces, various specialty built-ins, cabinetry and artisan furniture for the clubhouse interior with special emphasis on taking advantage of the unique vista views. Notable features include the design of a vast and flexible banquet area, custom member bar cabinetry, an intimate wine room, fascinating gathering areas, and other custom artisan casework pieces. Materials and finishes were selected to proudly showcase the club's patriotism. The boardroom brilliant blue cabinetry with burnished brass detailing.

Tom Hoch's specialized clubhouse design-build experience allowed The Patriot, to wear an interior design and custom product that highlighted the special and unique design influence while still promising the expected growth and longevity of The Patriot. Tom Hoch created unique interiors that are properly suited to the highest expectations of today's club member, resulting in a luxury golf experience that can connect emotionally with guests and provide a comfortable, stylish place to relax after a round.