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Tom Hoch understands that today’s most successful clubhouses feature designs that retain the good things about tradition, yet possess all the requirements of the age. They are places of character and style that are clean, engaging, and full of connective emotion. They are places where a members desire to see and be seen, and operators find that day-to-day operations are smooth and predictable, with revenue-positive results.

To support a club’s relationship with its members, the Tom Hoch team has developed an understanding of why members “go to the club.” The list is long and varied and includes such activities as celebration, socialization, chumming before or after a round of golf, dining with family, entertaining guests, getting fit, perusing the best offerings of golf apparel, or simply hanging out. Unconsciously, members look for a number of factors in their club. These include emotional needs such as familiarity and security, coupled with feelings of comfort, social recognition and belonging.

With members spending more time “under roof,” dining, shopping and socializing in areas such as food and beverage operations and golf shops, owners and operators are discovering that they must pay careful attention to how members interact with these areas.With a wealth of revenue-based design tools and a history of results, Tom Hoch knows that revenue-producing spaces can and should be revenue-positive areas that not only support the club’s aesthetic appeal, but also its operational activity, as well.

With that in mind, a carefully applied Tom Hoch design can chart a firm and successful course for years to come.

Featured Project

The Ritz-Carlton Sarasota Exterior
Courtesy of Jim Keane, The Ritz-Carlton Members Club, Sarasota
The Ritz-Carlton Exterior Dining
Courtesy of Jim Keane, The Ritz-Carlton Members Club, Sarasota

Club Projects List

The Ritz-Carlton Members Club, Sarasota — Sarasota, Florida

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Dove Mountain — Marana, Arizona

The Ridge at Back Brook — Ringoes, New Jersey

The Patriot — Owasso, Oklahoma

FarmLinks at Pursell Farms — Sylacauga, Alabama