Master Plan







There’s a special balance of experience, knowledge and inspiration that precedes even the simplest of designs. Color,form and function and line must successfully combine in order to create those refreshingly energized interior designs that make the world a more enjoyable, memorable and relaxing space in which to simply exist.

Designers, artisans, craftsmen, and draftsmen work collaboratively on each and every project-from conceptual sketches to completed installation-to further the Tom Hoch philosophy of design. Here at Tom Hoch, we believe that clean, smooth lines, coupled with elegant, striking materials, and premier craftsmanship are hallmarks of the industry, and necessary to each and every design that takes shape within our facility.

Led by confident, well-versed leadership with years of experience at the helm, craftsmen who know their trade like most know their reflection, and cutting-edge designers look not only to the future, but also the past, Tom Hoch stands firmly on established soil as a leader in interior design.

What’s more—Tom Hoch can prove it. Many of our featured projects can attest to the award-winning designs they have proudly showcased for years. These are no trend-based designs, but ageless and enduring innovations that withstand the changing culture around them, adding value simply by avoiding the endless circle of renovations for the times.

Be intrigued, be curious, be inquisitive. This is where the questions begin…and Tom Hoch is ready to answer.