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Firm's revenue-based model bolsters the bottom line...

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Golf courses are not designed by accident. They are plotted carefully and shaped into a challenge, with each curve of the land or placement of an obstacle serving an intentional purpose.

Tom Hoch's 19th-Hole Creations

There is nothing like golf – while a typical round on the course requires about four-and-a-half hours, the actual golf experience can be a five-, six- or even seven-hour affair involving the 19th hole, an integral part of a clubhouse’s atmosphere and golf experience.

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A space that lives and remembers

Oklahoma designer Tom Hoch creates ‘organic’ environment for Chickasaw Cultural Center


Unique Approach to Tom Hoch Design

Tom Hoch has been involved in the family business since he was a child. His parents, Tom and Joanne Hoch, founded Tom Hoch Design in Oklahoma City in 1963. Today, Tom Jr. leads the interior design firm as the principal designer and has helped refine the company’s unique “revenue-based design” approach. The model takes into account branding, space planning, sizing and a mapping process, ideal for retail-driven spaces like golf shops and clubhouses and food and beverage outlets.

Tom Hoch Design knows that by design, successful golf hangouts make you want to stay after play

By Mike Bailey, Senior Staff Writer for

The best part of golf, sometimes, comes after the final putt. That's when you retreat to the clubhouse, go over the scorecard and regale the shots missed and made. It's when you have a great dinner, maybe a couple drinks...

The Wire Q & A:

Tom Hoch, President, Tom Hoch Design

Editor's note: The focus on most golf courses is the actual course itself. But plenty of time is spent under roof in 19th holes, golf shops and locker rooms, all of which are integral parts of a clubhouse's atmosphere. Tom Hoch, president of Tom Hoch Design, a design-build firm based in Oklahoma City, OK, recently participated in a question-and-answer session to discuss the nuances of golf club interior design, its affect on the golfer experience and its impact on revenue...

The Evolving Golf Club Model

Capturing the Character of a 19th Hole

Clients and friends in the golf business often ask me what the golf industry of the future will look like. My response is that they should be aware of the fact that new course construction has slowed dramatically here in the U.S., while overseas markets in Asia and Europe are exploding...

Tom Hoch, President of Tom Hoch Design

With custom creations, this company takes the 'build' in 'design-build' to a whole new level

The dinner table conversation when Tom Hoch was growing up revolved around hospitality design. His parents, Tom and Joanne, had started their own firm in 1963 and often brought their work home...

Redesign Can Yield Opportunity

Full-facility and spot-renovations are natural parts of hotel life cycles. Often viewed by owners and operators as a necessary evil, the redesign process should instead be viewed as an opportunity to improve the guest experience, over-deliver on the brand promise and implement a revenue-based master plan to strengthen incremental profit centers.