We're live!

It's a great day! Today is the day that the new Tom Hoch site goes live, and we're excited to see the new design.

However, the website isn't the only change around here. We're implemented an entirely new brand. Once Tom Hoch Design, we are now known as Tom Hoch. Centered within this change is a need to help our clients (both past, present and future) understand that we are more than just an interior design firm with a passion for unique, original, and innovative design. We're also about the craft behind the design, about the entire process--from conception to completion. 

We thoroughly believe that our new branding will translate this message, and make it understood that we've built the Tom Hoch name with quality materials and great customer service.

Part of our new website also details one of our unique approaches to interior design, which we've oriented every one of our projects around for decades. It's the idea that our clients have flexibility with Tom Hoch. They can enter and exit at any stage in the design process.

That's right. You already have an interior designer? We can fabricate the furnishings and fixtures. Had an architect that gave you a beautifully crafted structure, but aren't sure what to do with the interior? We can create a space plan that not only fits your needs, but also helps to drive revenue.

You see, design is our heart, but it's not our soul. Tom Hoch is about the client, and the client drives everything we do.

Have a look around. Browse through the website! I'm sure you'll find some interesting things you didn't know about Tom Hoch. When you're ready with the questions, we're ready with the answers.